My name is Kevin Zarca and I’m a public health physician from Paris, in France. Since graduating, I have continued my training, specializing in research and biostatistics, as well as in medical informatics and health economics. My career path has enabled me to acquire solid expertise in statistical analysis applied to medical research.

As a public health physician, I was often approached by residents and fellow colleagues looking for help with statistical analysis for their thesis or research projects. I quickly realized that there was no tool specifically adapted to healthcare professionals that could guide them effectively. And so began the adventure of

Inspired by my own experiences, I decided to create a statistical analysis software application that would be intuitive and accessible, even to those with no specialist training in statistics. My aim was to enable doctors to carry out sophisticated statistical analyses without worrying about complex technical aspects, while guaranteeing solid, reliable results.

I’m extremely proud to be able to offer you a complete, high-performance application. Today, is used by more than 20,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, and has become an essential reference in statistical analysis for medical research. As a physician, I am honored to be able to contribute to our medical community by facilitating the process of publication in international peer-reviewed journals.