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Innovative algorithms able to select the statistical methods suited to your data and to what you want to report

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Tables, figures, graphs and report of the statistical methods and results in a Word file

A modern approach to medical statistics will help you is an online biostatistics software for physicians, pharmacists and other professionals who need to perform statistical analyses of medical data, but who do not have the expertise to do so on their own.

Whether as part of a medical thesis or for an international peer-reviewed journal, helps you to carry out correct and appropriate statistical analyses based on your hypotheses and the data you have at your disposal., statistical software designed to be as simple as possible, allows you to perform descriptive analyses of your medical data in just a few minutes and test your hypotheses by calculating p-value, odds-ratios, hazard ratios with confidence intervals. And this is done as automatically as possible.

Export your tables ready for publication, as well as your figures in the format you want and publish the results of your studies faster and easier!

Which test should I perform?

Don’t need to choose anymore! avoids you having to search for the answer in books or on the Internet and chooses the most suitable statistical method for you.

Whether the method is simple or sophisticated (such as the use of bootstrapping methods in case of non-normal residuals), will select the right one.

Be sure you no longer confuse a Student test with a Mann-Whitney test.

The features of

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Assistance in hypothesis elicitation

Excel and Text files importation

Automatically generated tables and figures

Assistance in interpreting the results

Export of results in Word format

And many others

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