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Medistica.,, a graphic user interface to the R statistical analysis software for scientific medical publications., 2019-24. Available on:

I would like to perform survival analyses, is it possible?

Yes, and even multivariable analyses (Cox’s Model) if the conditions are met.

How to compute odds-ratios?

First of all, your outcome variable must be binary in order to obtain odds ratios. Then, just let yourself be guided by the software, and select: multivariable analysis.

Can I calculate sensitivity, specificity, negative and positive predictive values ( NPV, PPV), with or without an ROC curve.

Yes, when you perform a predictive analysis.

Can I calculate a concordance between two observers (Cohen's kappa calculation)?

This feature is not yet available.

Are my data being re-used/sold?

No, we take privacy issues very seriously. The data are therefore deleted at the end of the analysis.

Can you help me use the software?

Videos are being prepared. However, the software has been designed to be as simple as possible for people who do not master statistics. If, however, you have issues using it, you can read the site’s documentation.