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If you do not have a file to analyze and you want to test the software, download this file and start the analysis now. This file being well structured, the file preparation step is not necessary. You can therefore skip this step and upload your file.

The data in this file are from one of the first randomized trials of adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer that has been shown to be effective.

The description of the variables is as follows:

rxTreatement – Obs(ervation), Lev(amisole), Lev(amisole)+5-FU
sex0=female 1=male
agein years
obstructObstruction of the colon by tumor
perforPerforation of colon
adhereAdherence of the nearby organs
nodesNumber of lymph nodes with detectable cancer
timeDays until event or censoring
pfsProgression-free survival (0=no progression, 1=progression)
differDifferentiation of tumor (1=important, 2=moderate, 3=poor)
extentLocal extent (1=sous-muqueuse, 2=muscle, 3=séreuse, 4=autres tissus)
surgTime from surgery to registration (0=short, 1=long)
node4More than 4 positive lymph nodes
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